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J.R. Majewski responds to AP report on his military service

Republican Majewski is running against incumbent Democrat Marcy Kaptur for the House seat representing Ohio’s 9th congressional district. Voting begins on Nov. 8.

HOLLAND, Ohio — J.R. Majewski is a Republican candidate running for the ninth congressional district U.S. House seat currently held by Democrat Marcy Kaptur.

He came to the Lucas County Republican headquarters in Holland to defend his military record in a press conference after an Associated Press report on Wednesday disputed his accounts of his time in the Air Force.

Majewski’s claims notably include stories of his deployment in Afghanistan after 9/11. But, military records indicate he instead served in U.S.-allied Qatar for six months, from May 2002 to November 2002, helping to load planes as a “Passenger Operations Specialist.”

“We show one deployment to Qatar in May 2002 to November 2002. What he did or where he went from that location we don’t have visibility on,” the records show.

He claimed the AP report was a “politically motivated” attack on him and his campaign.

“This story was placed by the liberal media and my opponent, Marcy Kaptur, with the malicious intent to not only destroy my political campaign but also my character,” Majewski said.

Majewski also claims his deployments to Afghanistan were classified.

“It’s almost impossible for me to tell you where I was on what day,” he said. “That’s why my orders are listed as a classified location.”

Documents obtained by WTOL 11 from the Majewski campaign note, “Please bear in mind that full service records for anyone that separated prior to Oct. 2004 are at the National Preserved Records Center, which is part of the National Archives.”

After attempting to discredit the AP report and Kaptur, Majewski then opened the floor to questions. However, when pressed about the Republican National Committee removing $1 million dollars in campaign ads after the release of his military record, Majewski refused to answer and walked away.

He said any further questions could be answered at a later time and that he has “nothing to hide.”

The AP claims Majewski “hasn’t been forthcoming when asked about the specifics of his service.”

His campaign website biography does not mention Afghanistan either. His biography states, “During his tenure in the Air Force, Majewski served overseas, and was deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom,” which was the official name used by the U.S. for the country’s military response to 9/11.

Kaptur said Majewski “will have to account for” the questions raised regarding his military service.

“That’s what elected life is about,” Kaptur said. “Every aspect of your life is made public and that will happen to him. And he will have to answer.”

Voting for the 2022 general election begins on Nov. 8, which includes the U.S. House seat Kaptur and Majewski are running for.

According to the AP, “With no previous political experience, Majewski is perhaps an unlikely person to be the Republican nominee taking on Kaptur, who has represented the Toledo area since 1983. But two state legislators who were also on the ballot in the August GOP primary split the establishment vote. That cleared a path for Majewski, who previously worked in the nuclear power industry and dabbled in politics as a pro-Trump hip-hop performer.”

In a 2021 interview with WTOL 11, Majewski adamantly denied involvement or support of Qanon and said he doesn’t read “Q Drops” or material.

He was also at the U.S. Capitol during the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, to which he said he sponsored a trip for others by raising $25,000 through donations.

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