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Is Lost Ark Worth it?

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There’s been a lot of buzz over the game, Lost Ark. The game recently released in both Europe and America a couple of days ago, and immediately blew up. Having broken some records for most concurrent players, and becoming an international phenomena, some people may be wondering, ‘Is Lost Ark Worth it?’ To get this out of the way first, Lost Ark is free to play, so there’s nothing to worry about when purchasing the game initially. But outside of that, there’s a lot to consider. From the game genre, the progression, and the different styles of play available, Lost Ark definitely appeals to a lot of different demographics.

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Very Social

Lost Ark is a free to play MMORPG. In other words, it’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. And in that realm, it plays from the third person with a birds eye view looking down. For those familiar with Diablo, Lost Ark is rather similar to that. This makes the game incredibly fun for players looking to socialize online in games, whether it’s playing with strangers or connecting with familiar friends.

This is one of the biggest appeals as to why so many people are getting into it. It’s almost like a social trend occurring among gamers, similar to Among Us and Genshin Impact. And this also means the hype will eventually die down. For those who enjoy riding the waves of hype in online gaming trends, definitely give Lost Ark a try. The timing couldn’t be better, since so many players are getting into the game and it’s kind of the place for online gathering hubs as of now.

But players can also easily play on their own to much success and fun. So whether looking to solo grind or team up with others, Lost Ark has players covered.


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Time to get into more of the gameplay elements. For a big portion of the progression through the story, players will experience hack and slash elements of the game. In other words, it’s a lot of repetitive action, where the in game character kills off hordes of enemies. Lost Castle does an excellent job of mixing this up, with a good feeling of progression and power to provide a sense of achievement for players. Therefore, Lost Castle definitely appeals towards action and hack and slack oriented players.

But for those who don’t enjoy a nice grind, Lost Ark is not for them. 

Progression was mentioned earlier, which leads into one of the biggest warnings for the game. There are microtransactions. A free to play with everything perfectly laid out for the player would be a little too perfect. Players can still progress through the story and post game. But throughout the entire process players are provided an option of paying real life money to bypass some of the tedious grind. If players ignore this factor, then the game is excellent. Lost Ark is, after all, free to play. So the developers have to make money somehow.


Lost Ark may seem like a new game to some in the specific regions of the world, but it’s actually been out for quite some time now. Having released in 2019, Lost Ark received ample development already. Therefore, the game has a ton of content for the post-game. In addition, the game’s balance and initial phases of issues have already been long ironed out. In other words, the game offers a lot for players to do.

Each playable class is very well made, with its own definitive playstyle. This grants massive replay value, creating a whole new experience when starting the game from scratch.

But what else does Lost Ark have to offer?

PvP is a fat mood for a lot of gamers. And luckily enough, Lost Ark has a PvP system built into the MMORPG. Lost Ark’s PvP system is pretty fleshed out. The system allows players to compete with one another. From competitive ranked games to casual matches, Lost Ark allows the MMORPG players to duke it out in arena style combat.

This allows for players to have casual fun alongside participate in ranked grinds, which offer different rewards correlating with the appropriate rank reached.

In Conclusion

Lost Ark is a fantastic game, with a lot to offer. For those looking for an MMORPG to sink days, if not weeks, into, Lost Ark is the game to play. Considering the game is free to play, The Game Haus deems Lost Ark worth it. Just keep in mind that the game isn’t for everyone. The grind is heavy, action is fast, and there are elements of the game that are debatably pay to win. If players are okay with all those factors, then definitely consider pick up the game and join in on the hype.

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