iPhone 12s looks dead as leak allegedly confirms iPhone 13


Triskadecaphobics beware — the iPhone 13 looks to indeed be named after the unlucky pair of digits.

A leak from 科技Yu on Weibo, and posted by DuanRui on Twitter, shows an iPhone box label, the one used to unseal the box, with the iPhone 13 name in clear view.

The name iPhone 13 is notable since we weren’t sure if Apple would name an iPhone after the so-called unlucky number. Combined with the relatively minor suite of upgrades rumored for this generation, there was some discussion of the upcoming model being titled the iPhone 12S, letting Apple skip 13 and go to the iPhone 14 next year.

(Image credit: 科技Yu/DuanRui)

That’s not the only interesting piece of iPhone 13-related news. South China Morning Post (via 9to5Mac) reports that Foxconn, the contractor responsible for building iPhones for Apple, is trying to quickly hire 200,000 more assembly line workers at its Zhengzhou factory by the end of September, where the iPhone is built.