Introducing Maricoin: World’s First LGBTQIA+ Cryptocurrency


Maricoin, the world’s first LGBT+ cryptocurrency is here with a special message for all of us.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry have made great strides in the financial and banking sector. Besides, we have all been witnesses to the great reformations that blockchain and crypto have brought after their increased popularity. Quite similarly, it has also focused on changing and distinctly uplifting the LGBTQIA+ community. Maricoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency for the LGBT+ community, has been launched to uplift the community as a whole, make them more financially secure and independent, and deliver a special message to the rest of the world.

The LGBTQ token scheme was launched way back with the aim to deploy the technology behind major digital currencies like Bitcoin to build a digital system that will make the community’s economic power more visibly strong. It is crucial to safeguard the economic and monetary rights of the LGBT+ community so that its individuals can own their businesses safely, invest in digital currencies and raise a significant amount of profit in the current global economic state.


Introducing Maricoin

Maricoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community that was launched on New Year’s Eve. The creators of the cryptocurrency aimed to make Maricoin a legal method of making payments for LGBTQ individuals. They can use it to make payments in several LGBTQ-friendly businesses and events worldwide.

The name Maricoin is adopted from a homophobic slur in Spanish. It was launched on Friday after a week-long pilot testing including 10 businesses from Chueca, an LQBTQIA+ community in Spain’s capital, Madrid. The coin is backed by a Miami-based venture capital company called Borderless Capital and currently, more than 8,000 people are on the waiting list to buy Maricoin before it starts trading.

Blockchain’s initiative to make the ‘pink economy’ visible has been commended by everyone in the industry. Blockchain acts as a ledger for digital transactions with high security, so it is difficult to tamper with. Creating a transparent and unified initiative will help the LGBTQIA+ community to rally forward with confidence and stand for each other against abuses.

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