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Intel Innovation 2022: live updates from Raptor Lake launch

It’s hardware season, and Intel is up to bat next. The company is hosting its next Intel Innovation event, and the focus at today’s event is expected to be on its next desktop processors, the 13th-gen Raptor Lake.

These highly anticipated new chips are the sequel to last year’s 12th-gen Alder Lake, which represented a massive sea change in the world of Intel chips. With the adoption of a higher core count, “hybrid” processors resulted in some impressive leads over the competition. But with AMD’s strong showing in Ryzen 7000, the pressure is back on Intel to deliver the performance needed to stay on top.

The event is going to touch on far more than just these new processors, though. With over 100 sessions slated for the two-day conference for developers and partners, the keynote is only the tip of the iceberg — but it’s the part that PC enthusiasts will be paying the most attention to. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is expected to kick off the presentation, which begins at 9 a.m. PT and can be livestreamed from Intel’s website.

LiveLast updated September 27, 2022 9:05 AM

Luke Larsen

2 minutes ago

CEO Pat Gelsinger kicks things off

intel innovation 2022 raptor lake launch live coverage screen shot 09 27 at 9 01 23 am

After a delightfully old-school introduction, CEO Pat Gelsinger has taken to the stage in front of the live audience. This is the first tech event that feels like the tech events of the old days, and it’s giving me the warm fuzzies of nostalgia.

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