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Intel ARC Gaming Graphics Cards Will Support Overclocking Through Driver UI at Launch

Intel’s VP & GM or Client Graphics Products & Solutions has highlighted that ARC high-performance gaming graphics cards will be ready for overclocking at launch through the driver UI. He talked more about the Xe-HPG powered Alchemist GPU lineup in an article published on Medium, shedding light on the ARC branding, Xe-HPG architecture, and what sort of features to expect from the lineup at launch.

Intel ARC Gaming Graphics Cards Will Support Overclocking Through Driver UI at Launch, Full DirectX 12 Ultimate Compliancy

The Intel ARC series will be a brand new graphics lineup in the PC industry and will also feature a brand new GPU architecture. Currently, AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards can be overclocked with almost any overclocking utility with the most common ones being MSI Afterburner or the in-driver UI itself.

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Overclocking utilities offer far more control in terms of clock tuning, voltage adjustments, fan RPM configurations, and setting a custom power plan/power limit. Generally, the first GPU overclocking support always comes within Driver UI unless AIBs are getting the graphics cards too so they can optimize their overclocking software and utilities around the new GPU architecture. It is unclear if Intel will have the same level of AIB support for their graphics card lineup at launch so their first OC support for ARC gaming graphics cards will come directly within the Driver UI.

Many gamers are also creators, so we’re developing robust capture capabilities that leverage our powerful encoding hardware. These include a virtual camera with AI assist and recorded game highlights that save your best moments. We’re even integrating overclocking controls into the driver UI to give enthusiasts the tools they need to push the hardware to the limit.

via Intel

Additionally, Intel has a nice driver suite that lets you overclock their recent discrete & integrated graphics solutions. We can expect a revamp of the Intel Driver UI suite once the ARC graphics cards launch like the major overhaul AMD did with their Catalyst and Adrenalin suites prior to moving to RDNA graphics architecture. In addition to overclocking support, Intel has also confirmed full DX12 Ultimate compliance on their ARC series of graphics cards powered by the Xe-HPG Alchemist GPU.

Drivers are an important part of the experience. We’ve made big strides recently with our integrated graphics, improving throughput for CPU-bound titles, accelerating load times by enhancing shader compiling, and implementing major changes affecting over 100 games.

For the past three years, we’ve also been working closely with Microsoft to co-engineer DirectX 12 Ultimate. In addition to supporting ray tracing effects via DXR, Intel ARC graphics products will be capable of boosting performance with variable rate shading tier 2 and unlocking greater geometry details with mesh shading.

via Intel

The post also talks about other features such as XeSS which is going to be a major game-changer for Intel against NVIDIA’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR. We already have an interview lined up featuring Intel’s Principal Engineer, Karthik Vaidyanathan, who was instrumental to XeSS development and will be published in a few hours so make sure you check that out.


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