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Intel Arc A770 and A750 Limited Edition Unboxed

The Intel Arc A770 and A750 Limited Edition review kit has arrived, and we’re now allowed to show you pictures and videos of the kit. Of course, this is sort of dumb since lots of other places have been doing unboxing videos for a month or more, including Intel. Still, we’re excited to finally have Intel’s “real” competitor for the best graphics cards in the house (because Intel DG1 and Arc A380 don’t really count in my book), and we’ll be working on testing for the review over the coming days.

Intel revealed the official Arc A770 and A750 pricing yesterday, which is good news for anyone looking to upgrade to a new graphics card without spending a ton of money. Midrange GPUs are back in style, or at least that’s the message Intel seems to be sending, with the A750 priced at $289 and going head to head with Nvidia’s RTX 3060. We’ll see how that matchup ends up in our upcoming review, and the Arc cards are set to go on sale October 12.

October 12, isn’t something else supposed to be happening that day? Oh, yeah, that’s when Nvidia will also launch its GeForce RTX 4090, priced at $1,599 and decidedly nowhere near midrange pricing or performance. It’s an odd dichotomy, but if Intel wants to get some discrete GPU market share, this should be a promising start.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The review kit contained the A770 and A750 Limited Edition cards, Intel’s own brand for Arc. Think of these like the LE car models that you might see from various manufacturers. These won’t be a limited production run or anything like that, though we’d love to know just how many Arc GPUs Intel has ordered from TSMC.

To quickly recap, the Arc Alchemist GPUs are built using TSMC’s N6 process node, with a die size of 406mm^2. That’s a pretty chunky die, all things considered — smaller than AMD’s Navi 21 (520mm^2) but larger than Navi 22 (335mm^2). With a price point starting south of $300, Intel certainly isn’t going to make a ton of money off these GPUs, but it could carve out a modest piece of the graphics card pie.

The two Limited Edition cards are mostly the same, except the A770 includes RGB lighting, along with a USB cable if you want to sync up the lighting with your motherboard’s LEDs. Otherwise, the major design elements are identical, with a dual-slot form factor, two 15-blade fans, and 8-pin + 6-pin power connectors. Even TBP (Total Board Power) is the same at 225W.

Under the hood, the A770 Limited Edition has 16GB of faster 17.5 Gbps GDDR6 memory, with 32 Xe cores. The A750 Limited Edition only has 8GB of 16 Gbps GDDR6, with 28 Xe cores. Based on the specs, which you can see below, we expect the A770 will deliver about 10–15% more performance — more in cases where VRAM capacity comes into play. Note that the A770 8GB model will drop the VRAM speed, so we can’t help but think the extra $20 for the 16GB card will be worth the upsell.

Intel Arc Alchemist Specifications
Arc A770 Arc A750 Arc A580 Arc A380
Architecture ACM-G10 ACM-G10 ACM-G10 ACM-G11
Process Technology TSMC N6 TSMC N6 TSMC N6 TSMC N6
Transistors (Billion) 21.7 21.7 21.7 7.2
Die size (mm^2) 406 406 406 157
Xe-Cores 32 28 24 8
GPU Cores (Shaders) 4096 3584 3072 1024
MXM Engines 512 448 384 128
RTUs 32 28 24 8
Game Clock (MHz) 2100 2050 1700 2000
VRAM Speed (Gbps) 17.5 (16GB) / 16 (8GB) 16 16 15.5
VRAM (GB) 16 / 8 8 8 6
VRAM Bus Width 256 256 256 96
ROPs 128 128 128 32
TMUs 256 224 192 64
TFLOPS FP32 (Boost) 17.2 14.7 10.4 4.1
TFLOPS FP16 (MXM) 138 118 84 33
Bandwidth (GBps) 560 (16GB) / 512 (8GB) 512 512 186
PCIe Link x16 4.0 x16 4.0 x16 4.0 x8 4.0
TBP (watts) 225 225 175 75
Launch Date Oct 12, 2022 Oct 12, 2022 ? June 2022
Starting Price $349 (16GB) / $329 (8GB) $289 ? $139


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