If we don’t act on the reproductive rights of women, Pennsylvania will be the next state of Texas.opinion


Liz Hambidge

Pennsylvania is more like Texas than you think.

Recently, I have been receiving more frequent calls about women’s reproductive rights. Such a call is not uncommon to me, but is usually associated with Pennsylvania, the federal federation I represent. But lately, people have mainly wanted to talk about Texas.

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the women in Texas. The restrictions their government now imposes on their reproductive freedom and physical independence.. Texas has ushered in the nation’s women and is forced to face the imminent risks to our reproductive rights. In Pennsylvania, such attacks are already taking place in our state, putting everyone who can or will be able to give birth at significant risk.

I am the Supreme Court of the United States Refuse to suspend Texas abortion ban, Had a fatal blow to the Roe v. Wade case. For years, Americans have relied on Roe as guardians of reproductive freedom. Conservative politicians have proposed a law that they knew was against Roe to win votes.They have said ominous and unscientific things that women insist they should have Re-transplanted ectopic pregnancy (Medically impossible).They passed the law to give Corpses are more physically independent than living women and girls..Even the Governor of Texas proves him in defending the new law Doesn’t seem to understand some basic concepts of pregnancy, As the data clearly show young people pregnant with rape, Don’t recognize it until the second semester Due to trauma and inexperience.

Roe satisfied many of us because we knew that our rights were protected. However, the gradual onslaught of state restrictions has disproportionately affected blacks, browns, and resource-poor people, making Roe virtually meaningless to some for some time. These Pennsylvanian dependence on Roe has already been severely affected by continued attacks on reproductive rights.

The new ban on women’s bodies in Texas seems extreme, but if abortion is totally banned in six weeks, excluding rape and incest, and doctors suspect that they have had an abortion, civilians are $ 10,000. You can sue the citizens at. The proposed law is not exactly the same, No veto by Governor Wolf, Our federal women will be in a similar situation to Texas women.

For decades, Republicans in the Pennsylvania House and the Senate have promoted legislation aimed at controlling the female body. In January alone, the Pennsylvania House passed the bill Prohibit abortion after diagnosis of Down syndrome Passed the bill (although not a single disability rights group endorsed it) Require women who have an abortion or miscarriage in a medical facility to ritually bury or cremate the tissue, And total Ban on abortion after 6 weeks Reported by the Health Committee.

These bills do not protect women, nor are they rooted in science or medicine.

I felt unavoidable Share my miscarriage story Despite the hospital being where I needed it, this law-its horrific invasiveness-prevented me from seeking the care I needed, so I’ll discuss the “fetal body” bill in the house chamber this spring. rice field.

It’s been less than a week since I told my story in the room that I didn’t let multiple women share their own miscarriage story with me. They shared their pain, their suffering, and their sorrow. Some people are actively miscarriage. Some are talking about the loss decades ago. They told me how inhumane they believed the bill was. The law, which aims to embarrass women seeking abortion, will have detrimental consequences for the vast number of women in the federation.

Abortion Essential medical care.. This is a personal decision made within the family with the advice of a doctor. There is no place for legislators in those conversations. Prohibitions like Texas law mean that the children I represented as lawyers, the children who were victims of rape, would not receive the medical care they needed. That means women are forced to carry a non-viable pregnancy to maturity. This means that some pregnant cancer patients will not be treated.Is that Women will seek other dangerous ways to end pregnancy.. There are many reasons why women need abortion, and frankly, women are not our job. They are private and personal medical decisions.

Personal decision-making on reproductive health should not be one-dimensional and should not be a law on reproductive health policy. Such legislation needs to take into account all aspects of the situation facing the family and does more than just pretend to show off conservative goodwill. For example, Down Syndrome’s ban on abortion does not mention banning abortion in the presence of other genetic mutations that lead to physical or intellectual disability. Trisomy 18 When Trisomy 13Also, there are no provisions regarding financial assistance to families raising children in these conditions.

Not surprisingly, Pennsylvania is no longer able to provide many disabled people in need of service, so such families are concerned about how to manage the care of these children. In Pennsylvania Over 13,000 individuals waiting for service I’m suffering from a waiting list. Although more than 5,000 of these individuals are considered emergencies, they and their families receive very little qualified basic support.

I had many families call my office and told me that their families were told they would desperately receive the services they needed only when someone else receiving them died. .. To earn political points, my colleagues have selected just a few of the conditions that they find important to emphasize, but at the same time allocate resources to care for Pennsylvania with disabilities. Rejected.

If we are honest with our intention to reduce the number of abortions, we Invest in creating a better sex education curriculum, Reduce maternal mortality in blacks, Increased access to contraception, Make childcare accessible and affordable, Enacted Paid family and medical leave, End the waiting list for people with disabilities, When Guarantee that all Pennsylvania workers earn a living wage..

Abortion restrictions do not reduce the number of abortions.they Move abortion to the back alley and kill a woman..Good reproductive health policy Gives women and families more choices and lowers abortion rates..

Standing with allies here and across the country to protect reproductive rights, as Roe’s protection may be further lost in the near future and disappointed with what is already happening to women in Texas. We must emphasize the importance of.

We are closer to Texas than you can imagine. It is the responsibility of all of us to prevent us from getting there by asking elected state officials to protect our rights.

Democratic Parliamentarian Liz Hanbidge represents the 61st House District, based in Montgomery County. She writes from Harrisburg.

If we don’t act on the reproductive rights of women, Pennsylvania will be the next state of Texas.opinion

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