How investigators cracked the Axie Infinity crypto hack : Planet Money : NPR

This April 3, 2013 file photo, shows bitcoin tokens at 35-year-old software engineer Mike Caldwell's shop in Sandy, Utah.

Erin Plante is a private detective who specializes in chasing down stolen cryptocurrency. In March of 2022, she got the biggest assignment of her career: Hackers had broken into an online game called Axie Infinity and made off with over $600 million worth of digital money.

It was the largest crypto heist in history. And now it was Erin’s job to find that money and get it back.

Erin’s investigation would lead her to face off against some of the world’s most formidable digital money launderers, whose actions would soon raise alarms at the highest levels of government — even threaten the nuclear security of the entire planet.

This episode was hosted by Jeff Guo and Keith Romer, produced by James Sneed, edited by Jess Jiang, fact-checked by Willa Rubin & Sam Yellowhorse Kesler, and engineered by Maggie Luthar. Alex Goldmark is our executive producer.

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