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Horizon Forbidden West PS4-To-PS5 Upgrade Can’t Be Preloaded

Horizon Forbidden West is just days away, so now is the prime time for preorders and preloading to get ready for launch. If you plan to take advantage of the $10 discount that comes with buying the PS4 version, though, things will get just a little more complicated, and you’ll have to wait for a separate download to play your upgraded PS5 version.

Sony has promised free digital upgrades from PS4 to PS5 for Forbidden West, making good on its commitment one last time for all PS5 “launch window” games. This is already a little complex, as the offer must be purchased through a browser. But then if you do purchase through a browser and set it to download, you’ll find the PS4 version installed. There’s no option to pre-download the PS5 version, through the game application your game library, or the store.

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PlayStation Support addressed this confusion on Twitter with a fan, stating that players will have to wait until the game is released to claim the digital upgrade. It also forwards to a generic PS5 upgrade FAQ, which notes you’ll need to find the upgrade offer through the game hub, redeem it, and then download. If this process works as it has with other games, the PS5 version is an entirely separate download, which could be a concern for those who have data caps and unknowingly download the PS4 version first.

Reviews have been largely positive, including GameSpot’s Horizon Forbidden West review. Ahead of launch Sony has been promoting the game in other various ways, like outlining a tree-planting initiative and unveiling an upcoming Lego set. If you need a refresher on the world of Horizon ahead of Forbidden West’s release, be sure to check out our Horizon Zero Dawn plot recap.

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