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HDMI 2.0 cables can be labelled as HDMI 2.1 with no enhancements

HDMI cables are a staple for almost all households these days. They’ve been commonplace as a convenient and quality way to transfer both video and audio from a device with a single cable. Long gone are the days of matching various colour coded cables, now HDMI is king, with its shadow government DisplayPort still truly running things in the background.

But being an industry standard also means that everyone is looking to make a quick buck out of them. Brands have been making all kinds of claims, hoping to turn their HDMI cables from a few quids worth of wire into hundred dollar sales. And to be fair, they aren’t all created equal. We have a guide to help, if you’re in need of a new HDMI, but it’s always been a difficult field to navigate. Now that HDMI 2.1 is out, it’s about to get even more difficult. 


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