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GTA 6 Graphics Criticism Prompts Response From a Large Number of Studios

Premature criticisms of GTA 6 graphics based on the recent high-profile leak have irked developers across the industry. One particular egregious comment came from a Twitter user who claimed that since graphics are “the first thing finished in a video game,” GTA 6 will look about as good as the leaks suggest. The user evidently hasn’t played a Rockstar Games title before but that won’t be necessary considering that a large number of developers decided to correct them with some pretty convincing examples.

The controversy surrounding GTA 6 graphics

“If you knew how game development goes, you’d know that visuals are one of the first things done,” wrote the Twitter user who has since made their profile private. “This game is four years into planning and development. What you see is almost exactly what you will get.” Not quite, my guy.

Remedy Entertainment wasn’t having it:

Turtle Rock Studios wasn’t so sure about that claim either:

People Can Fly disagreed, too:

Asobo Studio weighed in on the matter:

And so did Bungie:

There’s a lot more in this thread by Insider Gaming, if you’re curious. But the gist of it is that telling developers how to do their jobs without having any knowledge of game development isn’t a great idea, especially not on social media unless you enjoy getting roasted in public.


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