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Google’s Asking For Feedback On Android 12L From Pixel Users

The Android 12L beta just landed a couple of days ago, and people are already starting to respond to the changes. Google is now calling upon Pixel users to give the company their feedback on their experience. If you’re using the beta, you’re encouraged to come forward with your findings.

Google is calling on Pixel users to give feedback about

One of the most important stages in releasing new software is getting feedback during the beta phase. Users will tell the developers any issues that they come across and what fixes are needed. From that point, the developers will go and fix them before the official launch.

Even though Android 12L is an incremental upgrade from Android 12 proper, there is still a need for some solid feedback. In case you don’t know, Android 12L is a version of the software that’s more optimized for larger screens (tablets and foldable phones).

Though this is true, the company made the update available to people using Pixel phones. There are still some discernible differences between the versions like additional animations and some UI additions. Now, the company wants to know what you think.

You’ll send your Android 12L feedback via a short survey

According to 9To5Google, Google has a short survey for users to fill out. It’s similar to the survey that Google issued for Android 12. It should take no longer than 5-10 minutes, and it covers the basic user experience.

You’re asked to give your opinion (on a scale from “very dissatisfied” to “very satisfied”) on aspects such as stability, battery, performance, temperature, biometric sensors, camera, call quality, etc. Then, the survey asks you questions about issues you find and so on.

If you’re a Pixel 6 user, you won’t be able to take this survey. This is only for people who own phones from the Pixel 3 to the Pixel 5a. We’re not sure if Google will have a special survey for Pixel 6 devices.

Taking the survey is really important

Taking the survey could actually be a lot of help to the developers. Google is gathering as much feedback to help release more stable software. If you’re experiencing any major issues in the software, you’re encouraged to report them.

Any report could help bring attention to more bugs in the system. Right now, Android 12 proper has its own set of bugs and glitches, and most of them might be fixed with Android 12L.
For example, the bug that crashes games when the wallpaper is changed is set to be fixed with Android 12L. Your feedback could do a lot of good.


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