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Gallery: 15 Screenshots Of Switch Online’s N64 And Sega Mega Drive Launch Titles

None of the above, not only because I dislike the concept of “already paying for a subscription? Good, now pay more” (btw many thanks to amazon prime & disney+ for paving the way of this sh*tty sale model), but also because the only games I consider worth playing in that list are Super Mario 64, which I already have in my 3D All-Stars I ended up on getting 2nd hand, then Ocarina and Star Fox 64 which can be played just fine on my 3DS, Mario Kart 64 that’s outclassed even by its SNES predecessor and finally Phantasy Star IV that I have in the Mega Drive collection.

So what if you don’t have them? Simple, get them separately, and nobody will make them poof at any time. You don’t need 100 games when you play just a couple anyway.


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