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Four more held in Dombivli rape case; phones sent for forensics | Thane News

The total number of suspects apprehended is now 33

KALYAN: The 15-year-old Dombivli rape victim’s statement indicates that the accused raped her on multiple occasions after giving her fruit juice mixed with sedatives. Police have learned that one occasion there were 15 men who assaulted her.
A team probing the case on Friday tracked down four more involved in the case. The total number of suspects apprehended is now 33. Two of them are minors, who were sent to the Bhiwandi remand home. The rest have been remanded in police custody till September 29.
Assistant commissioner Sonali Dhole, who is leading the investigation, said, “Four different teams are searching for the remaining accused. We are sure we will be able to nab them soon.”
Police have seized the mobile phones belonging to the arrested accused. They have said all the phones will be sent to the forensic team to retrieve data. The main accused, Vijay Fuke, had befriended the minor on a social networking platform. He raped her and made a video which was used to blackmail her and coerce her into sexual acts with his friends.
Many of the accused to whom Fuke had sent the video, have deleted it from their phones along with the social media app through which they were trying to contact the rape survivor.
Police have learned that the minor’s ordeal began on January 29 this year when Fuke took her to a friend’s residence. They served her juice with a sedative in it and recorded a video, which was used to blackmail her on several occasions.
The victim has told Manpada police in Thane that whenever she tried to avoid calls from Fuke, he would pass on her number to others who would then call her from unlisted numbers and threaten to make the video viral. It was her aunt who discovered the situation she was in after she noticed the number of calls the minor was repeatedly receiving on her phone.
Most of the accused are from Dombivli; three are from Rabale in Navi Mumbai. Sources said most of the arrested accused have confessed to sexually assaulting her, some on multiple occasions.
Opposition leader Pravin Darekar on Friday visited Manpada police station. He demanded that Maharashtra government call an all-party meeting to discuss rising crimes against women.
The girl has been admitted at Kalwa government hospital. Her condition was reported to be stable.
Minister for fast-tracking: Mumbai’s guardian minister Aslam Shaikh visited Manpada police station. After meeting officers probing the gangrape case, Shaikh said the incident was an unfortunate one and demanded that the accused be punished as soon as possible by prosecuting the case on a fast track. “We want to send a message to the nation,” said Sheikh.
(The victim’s identity has not been revealed to protect her privacy as per Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault)



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