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Follow these simple steps to Install Chrome OS Flex on your computer

It is quite natural for a computer to run slow due to aging. The hardware on the computer becomes older with due course of time and it results in slow functioning. In order to counter the situation of aging in Windows PCs and MacBooks, Google has released the Chrome OS Flex. After a user installs a Chrome OS Flex in his old PC/ laptop/ MacBook it works like a new system.

Google Chrome OS Flex

The Google Chrome OS Flex is also known as the second generation of CloudReady. For those who are unaware about Chrome OS Flex, Google had acquired Neverware, a New York-based company around two years back. Neverware developed CloudReady, which allowed older PCs to run Chrome OS and extend their lifetime. CloudReady was originally built on an open-source Chromium OS base. It also has support for Linux. Google took over the project and then released Chrome OS Flex or CloudReady 2.0 which is based on Chrome OS. The Google Chrome OS Flex will provide support for Google Assistant and other Google services.

At present, the Google Chrome OS Flex is accessible for free to Education and Enterprise users. Normal users can also install Chrome OS Flex on their older Windows PCs and MacBooks.

The Chrome OS Flex build is based on the Chrome OS 100 and it provides an amazing experience to the users.

Requisites to install Chrome OS Flex

  • Get a USB pen drive which has a storage of 8GB or more
  • Your computer should have Intel or AMDx86-64 processor
  • The minimum RAM required on the device for this purpose is 4GB.
  • The internal storage of the device should be 16GB or more.
  • Check the compatibility of your system before installing Google Chrome OS Flex.

Flash Chrome OS Flex on USB drive

  • Install the Chromebook Recovery Utility Chrome extension. This enables you to flash the Chrome OS Flex build on your USB drive.
  • Now, open the Chromebook recovery utility and plug in your USB drive. Then, click on “Get Started”.
  • Select a model from a list
  • A drop-down menu will appear after you select a manufacturer. Then, choose “Google Chrome OS Flex”. A drop-down menu will appear, select ‘Chrome OS Flex’ from it. Then, click on Continue.
  • Select USB thumb drive and then click on Continue.
  • A Chromebook recovery Utility will be created after you click on ‘Create now’.

How to install Chrome OS Flex on Windows Laptop or MacBook

  • After completion of the flashing process, you must restart your PC and press boot key. Continously press the boot key until you see boot selection page.
  • Select your USB drive using the arrow keys on the boot selection page and hit Enter.
  • ‘Welcome to Cloudready 2.0 screen’ will appear. Then click on ‘Get Started’ option. Follow the on-screen instructions and sign in into Google account.
  • Kindly, explore the Chrome OS Flex and then install it on your hard drive.
  • Open Quick Settings panel and then click on Sign Out option.
  • Click on ‘Install CloudReady’ option that is present on the bottom-left corner.
  • Then Click on Install CloudReady 2.0 option and then click again click on ‘Install’.
  • Watch Chrome OS Flex boot on your device. Enjoy the experience.

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