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Fisher Price’s new Chatter Telephone actually makes calls


OK — we can’t be the only one who wished our toy phone growing up could actually make calls … right? Well, Fisher Price finally made it happen with a fully functional Chatter Telephone, which is up for preorder now at Best Buy.

Yes, the friendly and colorful phone with a rotary dial complete with wheels and a receiver is coming back. And just like the NES Classic Edition or even the Sega Genesis Mini, everything that was old is now new again.

The Chatter Telephone features a mostly plastic build with four wheels for easy mobility, just like the original toy. Unlike the original, though, it comes with a battery and Bluetooth inside.

Via a single charge through what appears to be a micro-USB cable, you can get around 9 hours of talk time. And with Bluetooth functionality, you’ll pair an Android or iOS device to the Chatter Telephone. This way, when you get a call you can pick up the phone by lifting the receiver or hitting the speaker button. But here’s the real treat: You can dial out using the rotary dial on the front.

It’s up for order right now at $60 from BestBuy, but let us note that it’s available in limited quantities and we have a feeling this will go quickly. Of course, if you don’t want the Bluetooth tricks you can score a classic Chatter Telephone as well.


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