Federal court blocks Rockland, Orange from enforcing executive orders targeting migrants


A federal judge blocked Rockland and Orange counties from enforcing executive orders blocking hotels, motels and rentals from housing migrants.

But the ruling does not affect any of the temporary restraining orders granted by state judges last month that blocks New York City from relocating migrants to those counties.

The decision found the two executive orders violated the migrants’ constitutional and civil rights because they discriminate against them based on their national origin.

The judge wrote both executive orders were issued for discriminatory purposes.

A state Supreme Court Judge issued the temporary restraining order last month which prevented New York City from sending any migrants to the Armoni Inn & Suites in Orangeburg.

A different state Supreme Court Judge also ruled last month that New York City could not send any additional migrants to Orange County but the nearly 200 who already arrived at the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh were allowed to stay.

A spokesperson for Rockland County Executive Ed Day’s office said they are considering an appeal.

“The only thing this county’s order was barring was Mayor Eric Adams from overstepping his authority by luring people out of New York City,” wrote Day in a statement.

A spokesperson for Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus said it disagrees with the federal ruling but notes it doesn’t really change anything.

“The county’s allegations that the city’s program of sending its homeless to Orange County is a matter of state law that must be resolved in state court,” said Justin Rodriguez, Orange County spokesperson.

Rockland’s injunction is ongoing and Orange’s runs until at least June 21, both pending future court decisions.