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Face ID gone bad on your iPhone? You may NOT need to pay exorbitant bill anymore

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Face ID repairs on iPhones could get cheaper as Apple is planning to repair old handsets instead of replacing it with new model.

Face ID is convenient but is also expensive to repair when it goes wrong. So far, Apple has been known to replace the damaged unit with a new one in case of a Face ID system failure. This ends up being very costly for customers and also adds to the carbon footprints. Apple is now concerned by the latter factor (not the cost-based one) and is planning to make the iPhones more repairable. Based on a new report, it seems that Apple could allow its service centers to repair a faulty Face ID unit.

The report comes from MacRumours, suggesting that Apple Stores and Apple Authorised Service Centers will soon be able to repair faulty Face ID elements on supported iPhones. This will prevent Apple from replacing the faulty phone with a brand new unit, thereby helping reduce the carbon footprint of its products, and going in line with the brands efforts to reduce plastics and other unnecessary accessories from the retail boxes. Apple is yet to confirm the same.

Apple could repair broken Face ID system now

Having this repair option for the Face ID system could help customers save a lot on repairing their ageing iPhones. In case of a replacement, users could save up to an entire cost of a new iPhone as the replacement. The report says that Apple authorized technicians will have access to TrueDepth Camera parts for repairing the same phone.

However, not all iPhones with Face ID systems will be able to take the advantage. Based on the report, it seems that the TrueDepth Camera system repair could only be allowed on the iPhone XS generation, iPhone 11 generation, iPhone 12 generation, and iPhone 13 generation. The original iPhone X that introduced the Face ID system is exempt from this repair programme. Given that Apple is likely to support the iPhone X for two more years, this could be a big blow for those who still use the iPhone X.

Note that Apple also uses the Face ID system on its iPad Pro lineup ever since 2018. However, the report does not mention anything related to the iPad Pro lineup.


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