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Editorial: If House members colluded with the Capitol rioters, expulsion is warranted | Editorial

They claim that more than a half-dozen Republican House members — a familiar roster of right-wing extremists that includes Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Paul Gosar of Arizona, or their staffs — were in communication with pro-Trump activists before the riot. Gosar allegedly told the two planners that Trump could offer them a “blanket pardon” for an unrelated investigation if they would help plan the protests.

Anonymous sources talking to a magazine is one thing, but the two sources, along with a third planner, reportedly are also talking to congressional investigators. Their allegations don’t arise in a vacuum. The very week after the riot, yet another rally planner, right-wing activist Ali Alexander, came forward to allege that several of those same House members were in fact directly involved in organizing the protest that turned violent.

Bush’s January resolution was worded in a way that it could be interpreted as calling for the expulsion of more than 100 Republican House members who voted to overturn a valid election that day. That’s tempting, but overreaching. Cynical, wrongheaded and anti-democratic as those votes were, those members undeniably had the legal right to cast them.


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