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Driver runs over the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s new Armor Aluminum frame to test its durability

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After the new Galaxy S22’s so-called Armor Aluminum frame made of tougher metal alloy was subjected to durability tests, PBK now puts the big Galaxy S22 Ultra through the grind of their phone torture chambre.

The Big Daddy of the S22 trio proved that the Gorilla Glass Victus+ cover on the front and back is as durable and scratch-proof as advertised, but the new tougher frame showed less scuffing and scratching than identical tryouts on the S21 Ultra.

The S22 Ultra was also dunked in water to test its IP68 water-resistance certification claims, but perhaps the cherry on the cake was when it was placed face-down on concrete and ran over with a car to escape unscathed and operational. 

Granted, a soft tire running over your phone has proven to be a poor proof of its actual durability, no matter how heavy the vehicle attached to it is, and we’ll have to wait for the first S22 Ultra drop tests to see if it fares better in those compared to its predecessor.


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