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DJI Action 2 – Camera Jabber

DJI’s last venture into action cameras was impressive if a little overdesigned. The mechanics were excellent, but the design, while well considered with the lens, front screen and a few other touches, was a little mud prone.

The DJI Action 2 has none of those issues; the camera’s main body is so simple that there’s not a great deal to snag or catch mud with.

The only part that may have been susceptible to a good plying of mud is where the quick release clip fits, but seeing as how that small cavity will be filled with the mount in all muddy conditions, there’s no worry at all.

I’m quite enamoured with the design – if I were to sit down and design an action camera, for all its simplicity, it would be like this, simple, understated and incredibly easy to mount.

My only thought on the design is the front lens is exposed to the elements, and as we’ve seen from GoPro, they quickly decided that a non-replaceable lens was a bad idea after the Hero8.

Otherwise, the body is metal and robust, and I mean robust; it’s waterproof to 10 meters, and for all the dropping, throwing and riding, it held up to the wind, rain and everything else without issue.

The lens seems robust enough, and there’s even an optional Macro Lens that can be purchased. This gives me the impression more modules will be along shortly, further extending the use of the design.

On the back is the touch screen, and this is clear, crisp and ultra-responsive; there’s no delay or glitch with how this works.

On top is the dual-use power and record button and a quick tap when the camera is on will enable you to change shooting modes.

On the base are the contacts for the additional modular battery unit, which clips onto the bottom.

The design of the clasp is again simple, with two sprung clasps that grip onto the main camera unit; once in place, they’re good and solid, and a magnet helps position and hold things in place.

In this review, I attached several standard mounts and attachments, including the GoPro two-prong that enabled me to mount the camera on all the standard GoPro mounts.

In all cases fixing the main DJI Action 2 to the mount was easy enough, with the clasp mounting working exceptionally well. I did have a slight fear that I might accidentally release the camera from the mount, but that wasn’t an issue in use.

As action cameras go, the DJI Action 2 looks as simple as they come, just the box with a lens on the front and touch screen on the back. At its simplest, that’s exactly what you have a very simple action camera that’s easy to use and exceptionally easy to mount.

The mounting is even easier than GoPro due to the size, and the new clasp quick release is inspired, although I do worry slightly for those using this system for skiing and high-speed water sports. There seems to be a little more likely that the clamp would release if struck at high speed.

Otherwise love the design, and when it comes to moving the camera from one mounting position to another, this design wins hands down over anything that has come before.


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