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Discord is back, after investigating a widespread API outage (Update)

Service is back up after widespread outages

[Update: Discord has updated its status, saying everyone’s connection should be fully restored. Our original story follows.]

Popular social app Discord is having some trouble right now. The company is currently investigating a widespread Discord outage, as the service has been spotty over the course of the day.

Users have been reporting issues seeing messages and notifications today. A short while ago, Discord said it is “currently investigating a widespread API outage and are working to resolve this ASAP.” You can head to the Discord status page for up-to-date information.

The Verge reports that Discord is currently limiting people logging in to manage traffic load. Users still logged in still seem to be able to use the service. A client-side message says Discord has identified the issue, but are dealing with a secondary issue on one of its database clusters.

Discord has served as a popular hub for social gatherings, communities, and fandoms, especially in the gaming space. Over the years, I’ve personally used it for everything from keeping tabs on niche corners of the internet to organizing hangouts during the pandemic. Suffice to say, the outage has shown how widely noticeable Discord’s absence has been.

Anecdotally, I’ve been having trouble sending messages this morning, as well as logging onto my mobile client. And while I ran a quick test call with some friends to determine whether Discord is truly down, it now feels like we are the last call standing.

We’ll update this post as Discord addresses the issues.


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