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Crazy cheap Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro prices leak out with only days before the unveiling

Leave it to a Google phone launch to leak literally everything before said launch ever happens. As if they haven’t already spilled the beans enough for us on their own, it seems retailers can’t stop themselves from jumping the gun as Pixel 6 availability looms large over the smartphone scene. Just last weekend, Carphone Warehouse leaked full-blown landing pages for both phones that completely unwrapped features about the devices and their software that I’m sure Google wanted to save for the event on Tuesday.

This time around, it looks like Target is the culprit and the leak is quite likely another part of the Pixel 6 story Google would have rather saved for Tuesday: the prices. While there have been leaks of pricing overseas, a true US-based price leak has yet to happen, and this one is quite the doozy. Spotted by a Twitter user and then corroborated by Brandon Lee from This is Tech Today, it looks like we know the base prices for both handsets now.


Shown on #Target price #leak
#GooglePixel6: 128 GB $599
#GooglePixel6Pro: 128 GB $898
These Google #Pixel 6 phones release on Tuesday. #GooglePixel https://t.co/zAvYLsW9HY

Here are the corroborated #Pixel6 and #Pixel6Pro prices in the Target inventory system in the US.
Pixel 6: $599
Pixel 6 Pro: $898
Google has to be subsidizing this phone like crazy. This is insanity. #teampixel https://t.co/OUBl8cXCBh

As you can see from these tweets (the first is a Target shelf, the second is a Target invenory scanner), these aren’t speculative at all: they are legit. The base model of both phones start with 128GB of storage, so that means we’re looking at $599 and $898 repspectively for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. That is absolutely nuts!

We’ve all been expecting something in the $700 range for the Pixel 6 and over $1000 for the Pixel 6 Pro, and it looks like Google is ready to really play ball with prices that are FAR beneath what we would expect for phones of this caliber. With these sorts of prices and chip shortages happening all over, I’d tell you to get your pre-order in immediately if you want one of these phones in the near future. With these sorts of specs, this sort of build, and these prices, I can’t imagine they won’t be back-ordered quickly. Here’s hoping Google’s been pushing for high stock numbers in the preparation for launch. Can’t wait for Tuesday!



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