Congress Takes on California’s Car Ban


Energy and Commerce is leading to stop California and Biden from dictating the vehicles Americans can drive

The Biden administration is handing China the keys to America’s energy and auto future, hurting American workers and jobs, and forcing people to buy expensive electric vehicles (EVs). 

To protect America’s automotive future and people’s ability to choose the affordable vehicles that are right for them and their families, Rep. John Joyce (R-PA) is leading on the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act. Don’t miss the WSJ Editorial’s write-up on it below.   

WSJ OPINION: “The U.S. House this week plans to vote on a bill that would stop California and other states from banning internal-combustion engines and making Americans in the rest of the country pay for their climate follies. Let’s hope it passes.”


“The problem is that California’s mandates have national economic implications. Vehicle manufacturers can meet mandates on EV sales only by raising prices on internal-combustion engine vehicles.

“That means Texans will have to pay more for gas-powered pickups to offset auto-maker losses on EV sales in California. Ford lost nearly $60,000 on each electric vehicle sold in the first quarter. Progressives in California are increasingly using their state’s size to dictate policy for the rest of the country.

Bottomline: Americans—not the California government, its liberal allies, or the Biden administration—should be able to decide what vehicle best suits their needs.

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