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Confirmed Improvements Coming to Battlefield 2042 Launch Build

The Battlefield 2042 Open Beta is about to reach its end and from its experience, there are now some improvements confirmed to be included in the game’s final release.

Players all around the world were finally able to enjoy Battlefield 2042.

As with every pre-release software, bugs happen to be part of the journey

As of now, several aspects of the game are either missing or not working as intended.

Naturally, fans have been vocal about these concerns all around the internet.

Fortunately, EA paid attention. The developer pronounced about improvements that will be included in the launch build of Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 launch build improvements
Source: EA

EA Confirmed Improvements for Battlefield 2042 Launch Build

So far, fans have identified issues that range from basic functional characteristics to very minor visual bugs.

As well, this has been identified in several platforms with distinctive characteristics for each.

For this reason, we will tackle each issue individually and talk about what platform it affects.

Additionally, we will add what is EA’s position in regards to that possible improvement and if it is going to be featured on the launch build of Battlefield 2042.

Moreover, it is worth noting that EA confirmed the Open Beta was branched out from a polished full release client developed months ago.

UI Element Improvements

Some users complained on Reddit about graphical decisions that made reading the UI a cumbersome task.

Particularly, one of EA’s producers explained that this improvement will be included in the launch build of Battlefield 2042.

As well, the producer added that this is caused by a bug that was already fixed but was still present in the code from months ago.

Visual Issues – Photosensitivity Concerns

Some users identified that there is a strobing light effect after some graphical glitches take place in the game.

Users shared this on the official forums of the game. From there EA took note of the issue.

This particular issue remains now as one of the top issues prevalent on the Beta.

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So far, EA stated this most likely won’t be a fix in the Open Beta stage.

Also, the developer has not confirmed that this will be fixed as an improvement in the final build of Battlefield 2042.

Although, given the nature of this issue, it is almost a given that it will be a fix on day one.

Controller Issues

All platforms have been affected by a controller issue that won’t allow some players to press A/X, Y/△ to get past the welcome screen of the game.

Furthermore, EA confirmed this will not be a fix in the Open Beta.

Additionally, there is no confirmation if this will be an improvement included in Battlefield 2042’s launch build.

Currently, EA provided some fixes to bypass this issue:

  • Use a different controller
  • Connect the controller directly via USB
  • Disconnect any headsets or additional USB, Bluetooth devices

Cross-Play Parties

Since launch, Battlefield 2042 Open Beta enabled the cross-play functionality.

In detail, PC players matched against PS5 and Xbox Series X|S gamers. On the other hand, PS4 gamers matched against Xbox One players.

Regrettably, the Open Beta lacked cross-play parties functionality.

Opportunely, EA did confirm this will be a launch build improvement for Battlefield 2042.

Adaptive Triggers on PS5

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta was a bit of a rough experience on PS5.

Aside from fixing this, EA aims to take advantage of PS5’s hardware for a more immersive experience.

However, when it comes to this feature, some love it, some hate it.

This PS5 featured is under development. Although, EA clarified that this is still something to be determined down the road.

This certainly is a staple for most shooters in PS5. So, it is likely we will see this feature included sooner rather than later.

Battlefield 2042 launch build improvements

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Since day one, console players enjoyed HDR during the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta.

For PC, EA removed this feature from the Open Beta due to underlying issues.

Now, EA plans HDR PC support on launch.

Commorose Expanded Functionality

The Commorose feature allowed players to ping locations and targets.

Thus, for the final release of Battlefield 2042 the Commorose features expand in scope.

EA did not provide specifics on what this added functionality will include.

Infinite EMP Issue

Some gamers reported an infinite EMP effect.

Specifically, after some players died, the EMP blast effect persisted.

This bug annoyed many as it sometimes lasted the whole match.

Luckily, a fix is in place for the final build of Battlefield 2042.

Moreover, if you suffer this during the Beta, just leave the server and rejoin.

Xbox Gameplay Recording

Xbox gamers quickly identified this issue.

After that, EA cleared out this was nonintentional.

Furthermore, the developer added this issue won’t be present on the launch build of Battlefield 2042.

Keybinding Issues on PC

Finally, fans identified a keybinding issue on PC.

In detail, this issue stopped users from returning to the default keybinding values.

In the meantime, deleting the settings folder solves this issue. This folder is located in this path: “C:UsersDocumentsBattlefield 2042 Open Beta”.

Also, the developer added this issue won’t be present on the launch build of Battlefield 2042.


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