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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Chipofy’s wattage-metering USB-C cable is on a Prime Day Lightning Deal

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All kinds of stuff are on sale when Amazon Prime Day lasts two whole days. Here are some things we love, some of our favorites, and even some utter crap. But one intriguing piece of tech that’s currently on a Lightning Deal is the Chipofy 6.6-foot USB-C 100W charging cable, complete with a freakin’ built-in display for power metering. This nifty little tool is on sale for just $15.32, a savings of $10.67 (41 percent) off its regular $25.99 asking price. It outputs enough wattage to power and charge even some full-size laptops, but the best part is you’ll know exactly how many watts are actually reaching your device. Read our hands-on impressions here.

Chipofy USB-C cable with wattage display

This 6.6-foot USB-C to USB-C cable has a display that shows the wattage being delivered to your gadgets. It can charge at up to 100W, which is enough for many devices to quickly recharge.

What else is better to get us tech nerds excited like a speedy USB-C cable that can help you pinpoint which component in our messy world of USB-C is responsible for your slow charging times? Ever wonder why your laptop, Nintendo Switch, or Steam Deck is actually draining while you have it plugged in? This cable can tell you just how much any of your power adapters with detachable cables are outputting and if a manufacturer is promising you more wattage than it actually delivers to your electronics. (Note: if you want to check the output of those first-party power adapters for the Switch and Steam Deck — those ones with fixed cables — there are other power meters available that are also on sale.)

Personally, I just bought a nice, lengthy 100W USB-C cable, and I think I’m tempted to add this Chipofy one to my tangled rats’ nest of a drawer of cables. Because now I must test everything I own.


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