Chinese regulators summon 11 ride-hailing firms over illegal operations


Budrul Chukrut | LightRocket | Getty Images

GUANGZHOU, China — Chinese regulators have summoned and interviewed 11 ride-hailing firms asking them to rectify non-compliant behavior.

The Ministry of Transport, along with a number of other regulators including the Cyberspace Administration of China and State Administration of Market Supervision, jointly interviewed the companies including Didi, T3 and Meituan.

Chinese regulators alleged that the services are recruiting unapproved drivers and vehicles.

“It’s required that these platforms should check their own problems, rectify illegal behavior, safeguard market orders of fair competition, and create a sound environment for healthy development of the ride-hailing industry,” the Ministry of Transport said.

Regulators said that all platforms should make sure they have the necessary approvals for cars and drivers.

Ride-hailing platforms should not entice drivers to join through fake promotions or transfer any business risks to drivers, the regulators said.

Drivers should also have enough rest time and companies should reduce the commission they take from each ride, the regulators added.

Companies in the sector should also safeguard users’ data. China this year passed two of major laws regarding data security and privacy that firms must adhere to.

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