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Call of Duty pokes fun at Facebook’s new name ‘Meta’

Call of Duty had some fun with the name ‘Meta’ after Facebook revealed that their parent company name would be receiving a change. While meta may mean one thing for Facebook, gamers and Call of Duty players alike may have a different outlook.

Industries of all kinds quickly started making jokes about the ‘Meta’ name change, such as fans of the NBA and gamers. Most of the jokes poked fun at the meaning of meta in a certain sphere, just like Call of Duty. So far, there seems to be plenty of jokes about meta instead of praise, and Call of Duty is part of that trend.

Call of Duty tweets about the Facebook ‘Meta’ name change

Heard there’s a new #Meta in town.

On the official Call of Duty Twitter, they didn’t post anything too serious, and only had some fun with the idea of meta and Facebook. In their tweet, they said, “Heard there’s a new #Meta in town.”

Commenting or poking fun at other companies has become the norm with major Twitter accounts. Recently, KFC Gaming and Turtle Rock Studios got into their own small scuffle with too many pokes. Slim Jim and Wendy’s are also Twitter accounts known to comment on changes in social media or news.

Of course, Facebook affects almost anyone online, and it’s no surprise that Call of Duty poked some fun themselves. On top of the effect Facebook has, meta also has its own meaning in gaming. Meta typically refers to the most effective strategy or items in a given game. The word meta is also used in Call of Duty itself, but the main idea of the tweet was to poke some fun at the social media giant. Here’s how fans reacted on their tweet:

@CallofDuty Hilarious ???Now please add round based maps to vanguard

@CallofDuty ngl this was corny, dey talkin bout facebook

@CallofDuty So funny. Now add round based maps into Vanguard.

Facebook name changed explained

Announcing @Meta — the Facebook company’s new name. Meta is helping to build the metaverse, a place where we’ll play and connect in 3D. Welcome to the next chapter of social connection. https://t.co/ywSJPLsCoD

While everyone has heard about the new ‘Meta’ name change for Facebook, the whole idea can still be fairly confusing.

Facebook as a social media platform will remain the same, and the name will not change. However, the parent company will change to ‘Meta’ or the metaverse of separate companies. Meta will have a fairly extensive portfolio that many people are familiar with. Some of those applications include Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Their logo will also be changing away from the thumbs up. Instead, their brand and headquarters will display a blue infinity sign. How all of these changes affect social media is yet to be seen, but at least Call of Duty had some fun.


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