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Bitcoin Can Protect Your Portfolio From Inflation

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In this episode of the “Bitcoin Bottomline,” hosts Steven McClurg and C.J. Wilson discussed how to alter your portfolio allocation based on inflation, what the infrastructure bill means for Bitcoin and how legislative involvement plays a part in the Bitcoin space.

This episode dove into the details of the proposed U.S. infrastructure bill, including providing perspective on the terminology in the bill. McClurg explained the term “broker” and how the definition of the word in the new infrastructure bill differs from that of a crypto broker, using the example of a real estate broker. McClurg explained how bitcoin falls under the same rules as real estate, since it’s considered by the IRS to be property and not currently viewed as a security by the U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission. He went on to say that in terms of the new bill, bitcoin “should be an exemption, and I think it will be.”


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