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Binance Coin, Ethereum & Polkadot — Asian Wrap 25 Jan [Video]

Binance Coin price has fallen more than 31% since last Monday and over 51% from the all-time high. A deeper push lower is likely if the bulls fail to keep Binance Coin above its final support zone. New 2022 and seven-month lows are coming up.


Etheruem price action, like the rest of the cryptocurrency market, has been overwhelmingly bearish. Since last Monday, ETH has fallen more than 34% and is currently more than 50% below the all-time high. Ethereum price has one sliver of support left, preventing a significant sell-off.


Centrifuge, a real-world DeFi project, is leading the current parachain slot auction. Polkadot price dropped in the recent crypto bloodbath and analysts have predicted a downward continuation of the altcoin. Analysts have predicted that the Polkadot price could make a higher low in continuation of its downtrend. 



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