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Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Could Cost Me My Work-From-Home Job

At a protest in California against the Covid vaccine mandate for federal employees.


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Regarding “Biden’s Pointless Vaccine Mandate” (Review and Outlook, Jan. 22): A few weeks before a federal judge’s injunction against the vaccine mandate for federal employees—which the Biden administration says it will appeal—I received a disciplinary letter from my federal agency for “Failure to Follow Instruction” to get vaccinated. I was told this “behavior” is not acceptable and that I face further disciplinary action, including termination.

I am home duty-stationed, which means my official workplace is my home and I do not have a local office to get called back to. I travel infrequently but am working under a travel ban through at least February. I am being instructed to vaccinate to work alone in my home office, while having recovered from Covid in the past few weeks.

The federal government isn’t knocking at my door. It let itself in uninvited. This should give pause to all Americans.

Archie Johnson

Amherst, Ohio

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