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Barbra Streisand Says 1 Thing Should Be Shown On TV Every Day To Debunk Trump’s Lies

The famed singer and actor also suggested how to tackle the twice-impeached former president’s 2020 election conspiracy theories.

“When you think of it, Al Gore lost the election by 537 votes. Hillary Clinton lost the election by 77,000 votes. But Trump lost the election by 7 million votes. I think they should show that every day on TV,” she told Variety in the interview published online Friday.

Streisand, who has previously used her music to shade the ex-president, also called his time in office a “disaster” and “unforgivable.”

“Four years of people dying unnecessarily because they didn’t tell the truth,” she said. “The truth is so important. Tell people the truth, they can deal with it.”

But the country was now “certainly headed in the right direction,” she said, praising President Joe Biden for what she said was his “compassion, his honesty, his integrity, his love of facts, not fiction.” 


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