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ASX and Bitcoin fall as employers go on the hunt for workers

The local market is set to dip as employers go on a hiring spree (Source: Getty)

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ASX: The local market is set for a fall at the open after a wobbly session in the United States overnight.

Wall St: after concerns around rising energy prices and China’s troubled property market spooked investors.

BTC: but was still sitting above the $75,000 (US$55,000) benchmark.

This came after new research revealed many countries had been adopting the cryptocurrency into mainstream life – but found .

And, if you’ve been looking to invest, here are to be keeping your eye on.

Jobs: Employers are as Australia begins its journey out of lockdowns.

Job advertising had a noticeable turnaround in September as employers began to gear up for the reopenings in NSW and Victoria, according to a new report.

But, the hiring spree may not last forever with the Climate Council warning across NSW and Queensland should G7 nations and others decide to tax emissions-intensive imports.

Pay gap: Men and women who work in financial services have very , the Financial Services Institute of Australia said in a report.

The report found 25 per cent of men surveyed believed the gender pay gap was grossly exaggerated, compared to just 3 per cent of women.

To the moon: Australia is going to under a deal with NASA.

Australia will build the lunar rover that is expected to blast off within five years.

Leading Australian businesses and researchers will help develop the vehicle to be used in a future mission to the moon.

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