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Arcade1Up Announces New Arcade Cabinets Including Pro Series System

Arcade1Up from Tastemakers has announced a handful of new home arcade machines, including a Pro Series version of its machines featuring the iconic arcade game Killer Instinct.

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The latest home arcade machines feature four iconic titles, including Centipede, Pac-Mania, Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary Edition, and finally Killer Instinct, one of the most influential fighting games ever released and a massive favorite amongst fans. The arcade systems are all decorated with artwork from the series, with the Killer Instinct machine being notable because it increases the size of the arcade system over standard Arcade1Up machines.

Dubbed the “Pro Series Edition,” the Killer Instinct arcade machine features a new 19″ LCD screen that provides a 5:4 arcade aspect ratio. The machine also features upgraded speakers and comes with speaker grills that help give an added punch to every sound effect in the game.

According to Arcade1Up, some of the features and specifications included in their Killer Instinct Pro Series Edition machine include:

  • Wifi (Online Multiplayer)
  • Flush Cabinet Design stands at 67.5” Tall!
  • 19” LCD Screen
  • Upgraded Lit Marquee
  • Suzohapp Joysticks and Buttons
  • Upgraded Speakers and Speaker Grills
  • Clear Deck Protector
  • Molded coin door with light-up coin slots for 1-2 player start.
  • Faux Metal T-Molding
  • Faux Arcade1Up badge
  • Licensed Swivel Stool with Back Rest
  • Licensed Anti-fatigue mat included
  • Licensed Tin Sign 18” x 24”

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Fans looking to pick up the home arcade machines can head over to their site to be notified when they are available. Due to the Killer Instinct machine being in the “Pro Series” range of systems, however, it will likely be a bit more expensive when it does become available.


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