Apple Confirms More Problems For iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Buyers


It is not a good time to buy any iPhone 14 model. Apple’s new range has been impacted by numerous bugs at launch, with Apple releasing two emergency updates already. But the problems keep on coming.

The latest issues impact CarPlay phone calls and data migration, and Apple has acknowledged two different bugs with the latter.

First, CarPlay, where owners of all iPhone 14 models are reporting that phone call quality and volume levels are extremely poor. The problem appears to be widespread with MacRumors finding complaints across Reddit, Twitter, the Apple Support Community and its own forums. This is a typical example:

“I just upgraded to the iPhone 14 Pro Max and ever since everyone complains they can barely hear me on CarPlay as if I’m whispering and on Bluetooth they say it’s louder but sounds like I’m in a wind tunnel and still difficult to hear. I am very disappointed as I had no trouble at all a few days ago on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s obviously an issue with the new phone/iOS but what can I do about it? I already played around with all the settings/volumes I could find.”

There are reports that the problem is alleviated, if not fixed entirely, by iOS 16.0.2. So, unofficially at least, Apple appears to be aware of the issue.

While Apple has yet to comment on this, it has confirmed new problems with data migration to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. In an internal memo obtained by MacRumors, the company acknowledges that iPhone 14 Pro models may freeze when owners transfer their data from an older iPhone. This happens in two different ways: using an iCloud restore, or a data transfer during the Quick Start process.

Apple recommends that owners force restart their iPhones if the devices are unresponsive for five minutes or more. It is currently unknown whether any data may be damaged as a result of the restart or the initial freeze.

Combine these issues with a lorry load of iOS 16 bugs and it appears that early adopters are again paying for their enthusiasm. Two dedicated iOS 16 bug fixes have already been released just eight days after its arrival, and you can expect many more to follow.


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