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Apex Legends is courting traditional FPS fans with all-new Control mode

Apex Legends Control will feel familiar if you’ve played multiplayer shooters before – but it’ll feel a helluva lot different if you’re expecting a traditional Apex Legends experience. It’s a Call of Duty multiplayer match meets a competitive Control match in Overwatch. It’s frenetic, chaotic, and somehow still well-balanced.

Apex Legends Control mode is Respawn taking another step towards affirming itself as the FPS developer at EA. Control pushes past the battle royale boundaries (just like the Arenas mode did last year), making Apex Legends a much more attractive sell for gamers who love arena shooters but avoid big battle royales. It’s currently set to only run for three weeks, but don’t be surprised if Respawn quickly brings it back – especially if it’s as popular as I think it’ll be. 

Take over control

(Image credit: EA)


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