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Android 13 May Offer Four New Color Combinations For Dynamic Theming

Android 12 brought in a bunch of new features, which were dominantly meant to refresh the look of the OS. For the first time in multiple Android versions, Google introduced new customization options, such as Material You design and Dynamic Theming.

Well, for those who do not know, dynamic theming picks up the dominant color from the wallpaper and applies it to all elements of the theme. With Android 13, Google may be eyeing to add four more colors combinations for the dynamic theming palette.

According to a new report by Android Police, the feature codenamed “Monet” offers a new set of colors for dynamic theming in Android 13.

The four new styles for money dynamic theming systems are codenamed TONAL_SPOT, VIBRANT, EXPRESSIVE, and SPRITZ. Similar to the normal functioning of dynamic theming, all these new monet styles would use your wallpaper to generate a color palette.

To give you more insight on the new monet color styles, the TONAL_SPOT means it is the default Material You palette. Now, the VIBRANT offers more colorful secondary and background colors.

EXPRESSIVE will include not present in the background as well and it offers a wide range of colors. Finally, the SPRITZ applies a grayscale color.

Google is actively developing the new monet color styles, but they can change with the public release

Notably, the Pixel phone’s dynamic theme has four styles, but these new monet color styles will be different from the already existing ones.

Already existing dynamic colors did not offer such a wide variety of color options. So, those who often change their homescreen setup and are into customization would definitely love these four color options, when they arrive with Android 13.

The shared screenshots, sadly, do not include the image of the settings page from where you will be able to pick the new styles. Whatever the case may be, Google is actively developing these new money color styles.

However, just like any other feature, there are chances that these color styles may change with the public release. These new color styles offer a new range of customization and colorfulness to Android OS, which was missing for a long time.

While Android 13’s development is underway, we already have quite a little information already available at our disposal. We are likely a month away from the developer build of Android 13. That could change if Google decides to put forward Android 12L.

Some new features that have been spotted with Android 13, as per leaks, include the QR-code scanning process and a tap-to-transfer feature that would let the user move media between their phone and other devices.


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