AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D drops to the lowest price of $406


All Ryzen 7000X3D SKUs now 10% cheaper through select US retailers

Newegg leads the path for lower AMD AM5 pricing.

It is reported by Tom’s Hardware that the AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D CPU has finally been discounted by nearly 10%. Unlike the 12-core 7900X3D and 16-core 7950X3D, the 8-core 7800X3D has been relatively a good sale and quite popular due to its great gaming performance. AMD had no reason to adjust pricing immediately, but this time has finally come.

Newegg has now lowered the price on its eBay listing to just $406, which is much lower than other retailers (in fact, it’s even the retailer’s own website offer). Those who are not keen on ordering from Newegg, can still look at MicroCenter which now lists the same CPU at $419. The offer from MicroCenter is actually a bit more interesting to those who are also looking for a new motherboard. That’s because the price of the CPU will be discounted by a further $20 once a motherboard is added to the mix. This effectively lowers the price of the CPU to $399.

AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D, Source: eBay

The flagship 7950X3D pricing has now gone up slightly to $670 through Amazon, Newegg and MicroCenter, but Newegg’s eBay offer is actually lower than previously reported by another $2, now at just $627. That’s no doubt a noticeable change compared to the late February MSRP of $699.

A key takeaway is that all X3D CPUs are now available for around 10% lower price compared to what they cost at launch, although this is not a coordinated price cut, but rather a discount by select retailers.

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Source: Tom’s Hardware