AMD RX 7600 reference design will be fixed to fit all power cables before market release


AMD Radeon RX 7600 reference design to be fixed before market launch to support all power cables

As reported earlier, the AMD reference (MBA – Made by AMD) design has issues with some power cables. As it turned out, some 6+2-pin cables may not fully insert into the card because of the backplate design. This issue only affects some cables that have a small bump that is blocked by the overextended backplate.

Those cables have existed for many years, so it is surprising to see a new AMD reference card that cannot fit such cables. And this was only discovered by reviewers who had trouble fitting their cables. Luckily for AMD, the company was in no rush to release its reference design to the retail (DIY) market. The plan was to enable board partners first, but due to interest in this AMD design, the company is indeed planning to launch their MBA cards to the market.

The lucky part is that this design is not yet available for sale, but AMD did prepare store pages, clearly confirming that such plans are in place. Since those cards are not on sale, there is no worry that anyone (apart from reviewers) will have issues with their cables.

Radeon RX 7600 with 6+2pin cable not fully inserted, Source: TechPowerUP

AMD have now released a short statement to TechPowerUP, who were among the first to report on the issue, that once released RX 7600 MBA design will accommodate all power cables.

We are very pleased with the volume of Radeon RX 7600 cards available globally from our AIB partners. We expect RX 7600 reference design cards to be available over the coming weeks with a design that accommodates all power supply cables.


This means that the RX 7600 reference design, which is to be launched in the coming weeks, will not be affected by this rather unusual problem. However, one should note that this is the second RX 7000 MBA design with problems. The first one was the RX 7900 XTX with its problematic vapor chamber.