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AMD ‘Mendocino’ APU: 6nm + Zen 2 CPU + RDNA 2 GPU for laptops in Q4

AMD will be hosting its Computex 2022 keynote in a few hours time, where we should be introduced to the Zen 4-based Ryzen 7000 series CPUs, X670E/X670/B650 chipsets, and “Mendocino” APUs for laptops.


The new AMD “Mendocino” APU will reportedly combine Zen 2 CPU cores with an RDNA 2 GPU, with 4 cores and 8 threads of CPU power at its disposal. AMD will be making its new APU on TSMC’s 6nm process node, and a project 10+ hours of “mixed-usage” battery life expected from Mendocino-powered “everyday” laptops.

AMD will be “redefining the everyday laptop” when it launches its new Mendocino APU, with laptops using the chip dropping in Q4 2022. We’re looking at low-power, mainstream — hence “everyday” — laptops. AMD is promising prices of $399 to $699 on Mendocino-powered laptops, with both Windows and ChromeOS operating systems expected.

AMD is tapping TSMC’s 6nm process node, the second chip — after the Navi 24 GPU inside of the lower-end Radeon RX 6500 XT graphics card threat launched earlier this year.


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