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Albanian PM names new proposed cabinet, dominated by women

TIRANA, Albania (AP) — Albania’s prime minister on Thursday announced his new cabinet in which women form the majority, keeping most of his previous government’s officials but naming new finance and justice ministers.

The new government has to be formally confirmed by parliament, which convenes Sept. 10, and until then members of Prime Minister Edi Rama’s previous cabinet will keep their posts. But his Socialist Party holds a strong enough majority in parliament to ensure the new cabinet’s approval.

Rama secured a record third consecutive mandate in an April 25 parliamentary election, winning 74 of parliament’s 140 seats. The main opposition center-right Democratic Party got 59 seats.

The key interior, foreign affairs and defense portfolios will be kept by the current ministers, with new appointees taking the finance, justice, tourism and agriculture portfolios.

Out of the 17 positions, 11 will be held by women.

Albania, a NATO member since 2009, is hoping to launch full membership negotiations with the 27-member European Union later this year.


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