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9 games you should pick up during the Steam Summer Sale

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The annual Steam Summer Sale is in full effect, giving players a massive discount on more PC games than you could possibly fit in one shopping cart. As always, it’s a bit of an overwhelming experience. Unless you take full advantage of Steam’s wish list feature, it can be hard to figure out if the games you are actually interested in are on sale.

We’re here to help. We’ve combed through the list of games currently on sale and plucked out a few particularly good deals you won’t want to miss. We hope your wallet’s ready.

One of this year’s biggest discounts comes in the form of Deathloop, which is down to $24. Released last fall on PS5 and PC, the first-person shooter was one of 2021’s most celebrated games. Developed by Arkane Studios, the game tasks players with breaking a time loop by reliving the same day over and over until they can figure out a way to assassinate eight people before the sun goes down. Its a clever premise for a stealth action game that takes cues from Arkane’s own Dishonored series. The game will likely land on Xbox Game Pass later this year once Sony’s yearlong console exclusivity expires, but if you’re not a subscriber, this is a low price to pay for a great shooter.

lady dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village is getting DLC later this year, which means now’s as good a time as any to hop into it if you missed it last spring. The survival horror game is down to $30, which is a significant discount for a relatively recent AAA release. Resident Evil Village is an eclectic entry in the series with plenty of highs and lows, but its a game that’s absolutely worth playing — especially at this price point.

A party member in Tales of Arise fires a gun at an enemy.

Tales of Arise received a rare distinction here at Digital Trends last year. It was the only game we reviewed in 2021 that received a perfect 5-star review. We stand by that score, as Tales of Arise is a tremendous action-RPG, one that feels like a groundbreaking step forward for the genre. It boasts an exciting combat system, gorgeous visuals, and a weighty story with a strong political edge. If you missed it last year, the Steam Summer Sale gives you a great excuse to check it out. The game is currently 50% off, so you can get it for $30.

Hades player attacking enemies.

We’ll take any excuse we can get to recommend Hades. The standout indie roguelike is currently on sale for $15, which is the definition of a steal at that price. If you haven’t played it yet, Hades is one of the best games released so far this decade. It’s not just that it’s a addictive action game with complex combat. It’s also tells an incredibly engrossing story about angsty Gods, who you can date. It’s a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of all. Hades is the kind of game that’s going to hover around the top of every “game of the decade” list come 2029, so you might as well get acquainted with it early.

The cast of Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

The Yakuza series can be intimidating. Where do you begin with a series this storied? Do you start at Yakuza Kiwami? Does it make more sense to start at Yakuza 0? It’s a tricky question and Yakuza fans will give you different answers as to the proper order of operations. Luckily, Yakuza: Like a Dragon can be enjoyed at any time. That’s because the RPG is a total departure from the numbered series, introducing an entirely new hero and an excellent turn-based combat system (rather than Yakuza’s standard beat-’em-up system). If that sounds like a good starting point, you can currently grab the PC version for $27, which is 55% off its normal price tag.

A chimera fighting soldiers.

Did you recently see the news thatDragon’s Dogma is getting a sequel and think “What the hell is Dragon’s Dogma?” Great news: You only have to pay $5 to find the answer to that question. Capcom’s 10-year-old action RPG is currently on sale for a whopping 84% off. Not only that, but you’ll be getting the Dark Arisen version of the game, an enhanced rerelease that features all the original game’s DLC plus 4K support. Find out what all the fuss is about so you can be ready for Dragon’s Dogma 2 when it launches.

The knight fighting a giant beetle.
Team Cherry

Speaking of upcoming sequels, Hollow Knight: Silksong is set to launch sometime in the next 12 months according to Microsoft. That gives you plenty of time to check out its predecessor, the critically beloved Hollow Knight, which is down to $8. The game is hailed as one of the best Metroidvanias (not starring Samus Aran) of all time. It features a striking visual style and a wealth of secrets that have kept players hooked for years. That’s a lot of content for something that currently costs about as much as a bodega sandwich.

A character shines a flashlight on a carousel in AI: The Somnium Files.

Just this weekend saw the release of AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative, which is already one of the best -eviewed games of 2022. The adventure game is a sort of point-and-click, sci-fi detective mystery full of colorful characters and brain-teasing puzzles. But before you jump in, you might want to play the first game in the series. AI: The Somnium Files was something of a hidden gem when it first released, largely slipping under the radar in 2019. Now, you can check it out for just $8 during the Steam Summer Sale — that’s a whopping 80% off.

Loop Hero had something of a moment early last year. Published by Devolver Digital, the indie game is unlike anything players had really ever seen at the time. It’s one part roguelike, one part deck-builder, one part RPG, and one part idle game. It’s hard to explain, but luckily you can find out for yourself without spending much money at all. Loop Hero is currently on sale for $5, so give it a go if you’re curious to see why it dominated Steam’s bestseller charts last winter.

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