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6 Big Announcements At Intel Investor Day 2022: GPUs, CPUs And More

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New CPU-GPU Hybrids, New Xeon CPU Road Map

Intel used its Intel Investor Day event on Thursday to convince shareholders that CEO Pat Gelsinger’s comeback plan is on track to make the chipmaker the “unquestioned leader” in the semiconductor industry once again, and that included some big announcements.

In his keynote, Gelsinger promised that Intel would double its revenue and quadruple total shareholder value over the next several years.

“The Intel turnaround train is leaving the station, and I hope you all get on board. It’s an ambitious goal, but I am confident Intel’s best days are in front of us,” he said.


Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger: The Silicon Man With The Software Plan


Gelsinger and other executives used Intel Investor Day 2022 to make several new disclosures, including a new Xeon server CPU road map that has been bifurcated into two tracks, new CPU-GPU hybrid products for PCs and supercomputers, and a revenue forecast for the company’s new Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group.

What follows are six big announcements the chipmaker made at Intel Investor Day, which also included a new revenue disclosure for Intel’s software business and a new GPU for media supercomputers.





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